Top 3 Ways to Prepare for an Open House

Top 3 Ways to Prepare for an Open House

It’s time to sell your house. You know you need to put your best foot forward, so that buyers can see what you see: a home. But what do you do? How do you make it presentable? How do you make someone see it and say “that’s it, this is the home for me”?

When you’re preparing for an open house, there are lots of things you can do, but not all are necessary. Here are our top 3 action items to get your home ready for an open house:



Without furniture and decorations, houses can seem like empty warehouses. They don’t feel warm and inviting, and it can be hard for potential buyers to picture themselves there. Staging a house is the art of showing a home’s potential; helping potential buyers envision their lives there. Staging doesn’t have to be complex, but renting some furniture and decorations to set around the house can be a huge improvement.

What’s the difference between an empty second bedroom and a bedroom with a twin bed and dinosaur toys? Everything.Buyers often make decisions based solely on emotion. Help them out, by showing them how comfortable their family will be in their new home.



Houses get dirty, as you know. But no one wants to see dust, dirty carpet and a refrigerator with food caked onto the shelves. When someone comes to an open house, they want to see themselves spending their days there, not see your mess. Clean the carpet, scrub the tile and counters and use air fresheners to make everything smell good.

If you have to hire a cleaning service to help you, then do it. It’s that important. It shouldn’t make a huge difference if the house is dirty, but it does. A clean house feels good, and that will be what makes potential buyers make an offer. Do everything you can to help people who come to the open house feel like they’re at home, and they’ll want to make it their home.


Get rid of your stuff

If you’re still living there while doing an open house, do your best to minimize clutter, and clear out as much junk as you can. Take out all garbage, put away your laundry, keep your refrigerator neat and tidy, make your bed and clean out any garages or storage units as much as you can. This is sort of the opposite of staging. People want to see some things in the house, but if there’s too much there it will seem cramped and claustrophobic.

If you need to rent a storage unit, put things in your car or a friend’s house, then do it. Make your home look as good as possible, and the rest will follow.

If you take this advice, and put these three ideas into action, you’ll be well on your way to having a killer open house. Your home will shine, and buyers will see the potential that you saw when you bought it.


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