Home Selling Guide

It’s time to sell your home. It’s exciting and exhilarating, but it’s also nostalgic. Starting a new chapter of your life will be a great adventure, and you’ll be sure to make lots of new memories, but you’ll also be leaving behind your old home, full of its own great memories.

The process of selling your home can be stressful and long, and there’s a lot to know. That’s why we created this guide, so you’re never unsure what’s next.

Make your home shine

You probably love your house, and your judgement is clouded by all the great memories you have there, but when you’re ready to sell you need a critical eye. Does that carpet need to be replaced? Is that blue paint you chose going to make other people as happy as it did you? Are there repairs that you’ve been putting off? Now’s the time to make whatever changes are needed. Potential buyers are going to make a lot of decisions emotionally, so make sure your house is as inviting as possible.

Your agent will help you out with this too. If you’ve already moved out, staging your house with some furniture will make a big difference. Help people see the beauty and potential of the house, and you’re on your way to a sale.

Get an agent

You may think you can sell your house on your own, but having an agent is a better choice in almost every situation. An agent will know how to list the house, how to market it, how to set the price and how to field offers.

Not all agents are the same though, so here are some questions to ask when looking at possible agents to work with:


  • Are they a seller’s agent? If an agent primarily works with buyers, they might not be a good match for you. Representing sellers has it’s own nuances, and you’ll want someone who understands that process.
  • Are they familiar with the area? You want a realtor who understands the local market. They’ll better understand how to market the property, and how to price the house so you get the maximum return.
  • Are they aggressive? If an agent just lists your property and waits for offer, you might do better elsewhere. Ask an agent what their marketing strategy is, and how they’re going to bring in potential buyers. You want an agent who’s involved, and active.

Field offers

This is where a lot of the fun begins. When offers start coming in, you’ll get a good sense of what people think your property’s worth, and what they think is wrong with it. This is a time where it’s easy to get stressed out. If you are trying to close a sell quickly, or are worried about running out of savings because you’re paying two mortgages, it’s hard to play the waiting game. Talk to your agent frequently, and know how much you need to get to make the sale worthwhile. If an offer meets your requirements and your agent thinks it’s a solid offer, go for it!


You probably went through escrow when buying the property. Now you get to do it again, but on the other side of the table. Your buyers will do inspections, appraisals and other due diligence, and you’ll mostly be waiting. There will probably be some more negotiating during this time as well. If the buyers find any problems during the inspection, they’ll likely ask for repairs, or discounts.

Work closely with your agent, and make sure you’re getting the best deal you can. With good agents, it’s usually possible to find a deal that works out well for everyone involved.


Whew! You made it through escrow, and you’re ready to close. This is pretty simple for a buyer. You’ve most likely signed whatever paperwork is needed, so now you just need to transfer any funds needed and turn over the keys.

Once escrow closes, you’ll get any money you’re owed, and you’ll be free and clear from your old house. Congratulations!

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